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    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_1.1_1_1.H37 1

      Img element missing an alt attribute. Use the alt attribute to specify a short text alternative.

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    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_3.1_3_1.H48 1

      If this element contains a navigation section, it is recommended that it be marked up as a list.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_1.1_1_1.H67.2 14

      Img element is marked so that it is ignored by Assistive Technology.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_4.1_4_3.G145.BgImage 4

      This element's text is placed on a background image. Ensure the contrast ratio between the text and all covered parts of the image are at least 3:1.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_4.1_4_3.G18.BgImage 22

      This element's text is placed on a background image. Ensure the contrast ratio between the text and all covered parts of the image are at least 4.5:1.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle4.Guideline4_1.4_1_2.H91.A.Placeholder 3

      Anchor element found with link content, but no href, ID or name attribute has been supplied.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_3.1_3_1.H49.Small 2

      Semantic markup should be used to mark emphasised or special text so that it can be programmatically determined.

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    • WCAG2AA.Principle2.Guideline2_4.2_4_2.H25.2 1

      Check that the title element describes the document.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle3.Guideline3_3.3_3_1.G83,G84,G85 2

      If an input error is automatically detected in this form, check that the item(s) in error are identified and the error(s) are described to the user in text.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle3.Guideline3_3.3_3_2.G131,G89,G184,H90 2

      Check that descriptive labels or instructions (including for required fields) are provided for user input in this form.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle3.Guideline3_3.3_3_3.G177 2

      Check that this form provides suggested corrections to errors in user input, unless it would jeopardize the security or purpose of the content.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle3.Guideline3_3.3_3_4.G98,G99,G155,G164,G168.LegalForms 2

      If this form would bind a user to a financial or legal commitment, modify/delete user-controllable data, or submit test responses, ensure that submissions are either reversible, checked for input errors, and/or confirmed by the user.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle3.Guideline3_2.3_2_1.G107 3

      Check that a change of context does not occur when this input field receives focus.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle2.Guideline2_4.2_4_4.H77,H78,H79,H80,H81 145

      Check that the link text combined with programmatically determined link context identifies the purpose of the link.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_1.1_1_1.G73,G74 22

      If this image cannot be fully described in a short text alternative, ensure a long text alternative is also available, such as in the body text or through a link.

    • WCAG2AA.Principle1.Guideline1_1.1_1_1.G94.Image 7

      Ensure that the img element's alt text serves the same purpose and presents the same information as the image.

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